Cast photos!

Tonight sees our first open performance at Exeter university before our two performances at the ignite Festival on 3rd and 4th June.

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Dirty Decadence Trailer and Exeter Dates

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We’re super excited for Tuesday and Wednesday this week (3rd and 4th) as we’re performing at the Phoenix theatre in Exeter at the Ignite festival at 9pm! To get your tickets:

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It’s all go, have you got your invite to the sexiest dinner party this summer?


Say hello to Henry and Lauren



Here some action shots from today’s rehearsal featuring Lauren and Henry, two members of our fantastic cast. Check them out in action today:






And… An action shot of our leg less-director Benji


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Also, see a video of some of today’s work here:

Dirty D Love X

Stretching and Cake!

So in today’s rehearsals we stretched like nobody’s business! Phwaaooorr. Check out how good our girls look.. And our boys too 😉

Also calling all Exeter Uni students, we’re selling cake in forum til 4! Yummy carrot cake from Boston Tea Party, and you get a free hot beverage, yum! A perfect treat for a tough exam or hard revision!

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Dirty D Love X




Weeeerrrk out

For dirty d we like to work out… A lot. Here’s some sexy pictures from today’s rehearsal workout 💪💪
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Some photos and important dates!

So we’re officially a week into rehearsals, our cast have been working hard and the show is beginning to take shape..eeeek exciting! Here’s a few pics from this weeks rehearsals!
We’ve got some important dates, we are showcasing our work in Exeter hurrah! We’re performing at Exeter Ignite Festival at the Phoenix Arts Centre on the 3rd and 4th of June so get it in your diaries, we’d love to have loads of support and you lucky people get to see the show before we head up to the fringe! For times and other details see link (we’re on the 3rd page of shows): IGNITE

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Some photos of our delightful cast: